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               One of our most popular seasonal products. The Sur Lie series has been labeled in the past as a limited release but now has its own brand new label. We follow the same process of barrel fermentation and aging on the lees (yeast). This year’s blend is 100% cider fruit. The cider presents a honeydew melon aroma when poured with undertones of clover honey. A tart shock on the tongue quickly falls away to a crisp apple with a slightly sweet tannic finish.

apples: 20-05 “Red Heart”, Frequin Rouge and Yarlington Mill

7.6% ABV 


taproom exclusive

Golden Russet. Not to be confused with a potato, this single varietal cider is bright with a nice off dry finish. Golden Russet dances along the pallet perfect for all times and occasions.

apples: golden russet

7.8% ABV 


taproom exclusive

A complex cider aged in bourbon port barrels with deep roots that would make any Kentucky bourbon lover a new cider enthusiast. This blend is bold and spicy with a full body. Let it roll around in your mouth to get all that this blend can offer. It will be a favorite to all bourbon aficionados and a surprise to those who would never pick a bourbon.

8.5% ABV 

apples: Porter's Perfection, Snowdrift Crab, and Pink Lady® 

Bour-bon voyage

This barrel aged cider spent 10 months in red wine barrels and was finished in American whiskey barrels. The acidic cider cuts through the sweet toffee of the whiskey barrels.

apples: Porter’s Perfection, Snowdrift Crab, and Pink Lady Apples aged in Woodinville Whiskey Barrels. 

8.5% ABV 

whiskey business

Ripe Granny Smith shines through in this year’s blend. Notes of green apple and lemon are abundant at the start, fading to a dry finish. We think it is better than apple pie.


7.0% ABV 

field blend

This single, red-to-the-core varietal is aged to perfection. Simply presented with no added sulfites or coloring. Ever. Decadent and beautifully colored. with notes of Strawberry. It is crisp tart and refreshing. Cheers!

apples: “Red Heart“ (Red Flesh 26-05)

7.5% ABV 


Made from several heritage cider varieties each distinct and unruly in their growing characteristics. These apples are difficult to grow and full of flavor. Well-rounded and bittersweet wood spice and baked apple indulge the senses. Layered in flavor and hue. A perfect cider for anytime of the year.

apples: Fuji, Frequin Rouge, Red Heart, Bramely Seedling, Dabinett, and Kingston Black.

7.5% ABV 


From the towering peaks and the raging rivers, to the forgotten trails or wherever your feet take you. Our cidermakers have carefully combined regionally grown apples and hops to capture flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

apples: Porter’s Perfection, Snowdrift Crab, and Red & Golden Delicious Apples

8.0% ABV 


taproom exclusive

Aged in Gina barrels for over eight months, this cider is bright, dry, tanic, and tart. You’ll find it also has sweet undertones of cinnamon, cherry and oak from aging in the barrels.
*Ginja is a Portuguese liqueur made from arguardente (brandy or fortified wine) that has been infused with sour cherries, sugar, and cinnamon.

apples: bramley seedling, snowdrift crab, cosmic (WA – 38), Hair Masters, red delicious, golden, delicious, Fuji, Honeycrisp, granny

7.8% ABV 

ginja barrel

A single varietal from one of our favorite English Bittersharp apples: Porter’s Perfection. The bright acidity and aggressive tannins are tempered by a long cellar time and the addition of unfermented juice from the same apples from which this cider is made. A true, 100% single varietal cider which allows the fruit to speak for itself.

apples: Porter’s Perfection

8.0% ABV 

porter's perfection

 This pink hued cider is our most versatile cider, fit for any occasion. Medium bodied with bright notes of red raspberry, rhubarb and grapefruit with a tart finish. Cheers!

apples: “Red Heart” (Red Flesh 26-05), Pink Lady®, Dabinett

7.5% ABV 


 Intense flavors matured in the harsh arid climate of central Washington. Flavorful and rosé in color. All color and flavors are derived only from the apples. No additives - just apples. A true rosé in the desert.

apples: WA-38 and “Red Heart” (Red Flesh 26-05)

7.8% ABV 

cosmic rosé

Oak on the nose with notes of vanilla and toasted apple with a buttery finish. Aged in used red wine oak barrels for a minimum of 24 months. Each batch will vary slightly which makes each run unique but familiar with the hint of oak and red wine that you get from the aging process.

apples: Porter’s Perfection, Snowdrift Crab, and Pink Lady®

8.2% ABV 

Barrel aged

taproom exclusive

This cider is an ode to the beautiful place we call home, Wenatchee "Apple Capital of the World". It is here where our story began and where we are farming and fermenting these apples today. This cider is very sessionable: light bodied and reminiscent of an apple champagne with notes of apricot and candied apples.

apples: Snowdrift Crab, Red & Golden Delicious, Rave, and Pink Lady® 

6.2% ABV 


We add Mosaic and Liberty hops, wet and dry hopping to extract as much flavor as possible. Citrus forward and medium bodied with aromas of tropical fruit and a slightly bitter finish. Our tag line for this one is “If you like IPA then this is your cider, if you don’t like IPA then this is still your cider.” Cheers!

apples: Muscadet de Lens, MN55 (Honeycrisp + MonArk) and Snowdrift Crabapples. 

7.8% ABV 

hopped & hazy

We make cider the way that we envisioned before the start, with no compromise and focused quality.  

Check back often as we are always experimenting and will be expanding our product lines.

Ciders With Intention

“Best Cider experience ever! The owners are very knowledgeable, friendly and fun.

Their commitment to making authentic and delicious cider is so evident. Every cider we sampled was so unique and delicious. The atmosphere was very inviting and bright. We had an amazing time!”

-Melissa W.

"Absolutely amazing! The views are stunning, the avocado tower is so good and the ciders so yummy! All the staff were so nice and came out to visit. New favorite place, will be coming back year after year. Run, don't walk to this unbelievable place. Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon!

Vegetarian options: Avocado tower, pretzel and veggie pizza."


"Best cider place I've been to and I've been to a lot of them. I tried their flights and the ciders here taste sophisticated and rich with tones and fragrances.

This place definitely raises the bar for what ciders can be, and it is a best hidden gem of the area."

 -Alexa X. 

"I have loved Union Hill Cider ever since I discovered them ala the Pybus Saturday Farmers Market. Of all the ciders I tried that visit, Union Hill stood out as the best. We went there for the first time in July 2021, and I have loved seeing how they've grown since then!

The location is beautiful and relaxing. The offerings run the gamut for all cider aficionados and I've even joined their cider club to have bottles delivered (I'm not a local) because of how much I enjoy their offerings (tried my first hopped cider through them and discovered I LIKED IT). Visit them and enjoy!!"


"Great ciders, great singers, great atmosphere, great views. This place has it all. Definitely a must visit for a relaxing weekend night out with friends and family of all ages."

-Justin D.

"Gorgeous views. Delicious cider. Laid back atmosphere. The owners have created something special here. A must visit!"


"It was so much fun all the music, people, dogs, cider and food. Everything was wonderful and what a great thing too see families laughing enjoying music and just having fun.
Love the comic cider."

-Paulette M.  

"We are staying in Leavenworth and this place was well worth the drive. Not only are the views amazing, but the cider was fantastic. It says a lot that I don’t particularly like cider that much and I would come back.

Katia and her husband were extremely friendly and helpful and the seating area was a great place to sit back with friends. I would consider Union Hill a must visit!"


"This place never disappoints. Their ciders are delicious, and the new amphitheater is a great place to enjoy local cider and local talent at the same time. Just had a wonderful evening in the new barn!

This would be an amazing location for a wedding or family reunion or just an evening enjoying good cider, beautiful views and great friends! Can't wait to go back."


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